Constructing Knowledge in the Health Sciences: 
A Range of Possibilities

Library Instruction West 2016


This interactive session will explore the implications of the new ACRL Information Literacy Framework for health sciences education, specifically in the areas of evidence-based practice, case-based learning, clinical reasoning, and interprofessional education. We will collectively describe knowledge practices and dispositions as they apply to the health sciences in general, and to anticipate and mitigate differences among specific disciplines (e.g. nursing, medicine, pharmacology) in order to foster an environment for learning and practice that encourages reflection, inquiry, and collaboration. Although the disciplinary framework of this session will be health sciences education, we anticipate that the process of thinking through these issues with fellow practitioners and reflecting deeply on knowledge practices will benefit any librarian or educator who is interested in developing information instruction that is more dynamic and intentional.

Session Objectives
In this session, participants will:
  1. Explore how a new information literacy framework intersects with health sciences education
  2. Investigate new ways to approach health sciences research
  3. Create a plan for working with faculty to incorporate the ACRL Information Literacy Framework into the classroom and clinical settings.
Session Format
  1. Introduction (10 minutes)
  2. Small Group Discussion (20 minutes)
  3. Activity (10 minutes)
  4. Large Group Discussion (15 minutes)
  5. Individual reflection/planning (5 minutes)
Update from Conference Session 
Attendees at the conference discussed the framework as it applies to knowledge creation in the health sciences. The following word cloud is the result of that discussion.


Erin Wimmer, MA, MLIS 
is the Teaching and Learning Librarian at Eccles Health Sciences Library at the University of Utah.

Kerri Shaffer Carter, MLIS, MEd is the Director of Education at the University of Utah School of Medicine.
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